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Identity Crisis by Ben Elton

When a new Ben Elton book lands on your desk, you know to expect unrelenting satire and his latest doesn’t disappoint!

Identity Crisis explores the rules of gender engagement and the power of the hashtag in the #MeToo and #TimesUp era. Nothing is off limits in his latest novel, which follows a diverse cast of characters, all caught up in fake news and fickle social media trends.

The story unfolds through a series of apparently random murders. Old school Detective Mick Matlock is drawn into a world of sex, politics, reality TV and a kaleidoscope of identity groups.

Detective Matlock is genuinely well-intentioned but is bewildered by the rapid pace the world is changing around him. In the age of ‘linguistic inclusiveness’ he must overcome his habit of inadvertently marginalising, offending or perpetuating identity stereotypes. He struggles to navigate his way through modern language, one awkward situation at a time.

Meanwhile, the murder count rises, including a trans-woman and a famous feminist who questions if a transitioning man can ever be considered a woman! This brilliantly written novel is an irreverent look at today’s society and explores every aspect of political correctness.

Ben Elton is a British comedian, screenwriter and bestselling author. He has written numerous bestsellers including Popcorn, Inconceivable and Dead Famous. Ben currently lives in Australia.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Bantam Press, RRP $37.00


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