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I Will Find You by Harlan Coben

Married couple David and Cheryl Burroughs and their three-year-old son, Matthew are happily living in the suburbs when tragedy strikes.

One morning David wakes to find himself covered in blood, not his own, but his son’s. While he knows he didn’t murder his son, the overwhelming evidence suggests otherwise and he soon begins a life sentence behind bars.

Still imprisoned five years later, Cheryl’s sister pays an unexpected visit with unbelievable news. She shows him a family photograph a friend took on holiday with a boy in the background who looks eerily familiar. Even though David realises it can’t be true, he knows it is – it’s his son Matthew and he’s still alive.

I Will Find You is a classic tale of a wrongly convicted killer trying to prove his innocence. David is determined to save Matthew, uncover the truth and clear his name, so he plans a harrowing escape.

The last Harlan Coben page-turner I reviewed was The Match, so I was looking forward to reading his new stand-alone blockbuster novel. What I enjoyed most about Harlan’s latest easy-reading thriller is how his intriguing storyline unfolds and keeps you guessing until the very end.

I Will Find You is once again quintessential Harlan Coben with plenty of twists and turns. Harlan Coben is a bestselling author with more than 75 million books in print worldwide, published in 43 languages. He is also the creator and executive producer of many television shows based on his writing. He lives in New Jersey, USA. Follow Harlan Coben online and Read an excerpt here.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Century


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