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The Match by Harlan Coben

He is known as Wilde, the boy from the woods. As a child, Wilde was found living alone in the mountains of New Jersey and has grown up knowing nothing about his family or his identity.

When a match on an ancestry DNA database puts him on the trail of a close relative he seems close to solving the mystery of who he really is. Wilde hopes he may finally solve the mystery of his abandonment, but it leads him straight into the sphere of a serial killer.

However, the relative quickly disappears and Wilde discovers he held a dark secret that led to his fall from grace. More determined than ever to discover the truth about his own identity, he continues to research DNA websites.

Soon Wilde finds himself caught up in a secret community of doxxers committed to exposing anonymous online trolls. Doxxers can track your username across the internet, collating all your messages, posts and personal information. Revealing private information is then shared publicly.

Soon it becomes clear that a serial killer is targeting the doxxers and the next victim may be Wilde himself.

The Match is quintessential Harlan Coben with plenty of twists and turns. Harlan Coben is a bestselling author with more than 75 million books in print worldwide, published in 43 languages. He is also the creator and executive producer of many television shows based on his writing. Currently, he is developing new projects with Netflix. He lives in New Jersey, USA. Follow Harlan Coben online and read an extract here.

Century, RRP $37.00

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy