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HelloFresh - Recipes that Work by Patrick Drake

Looking for quick, mid-week inspiration for delicious dinners to prepare in half an hour? In their debut cookbook, Head Chef and HelloFresh Co-Founder Patrick Drake shares their most popular 100 recipes.

Meal-kit delivery services have exploded in popularity in recent years. Each week, customers receive recipes and fresh ingredients, delivered straight to their door. Patrick Drake’s HelloFresh was one of the earlier United Kingdom startups in 2012. Alongside his co-founder, they spent hours packing shopping bags and delivering them by hand to their first ten customers – their families and friends! Now they deliver over 67 million meals to over two million customers in 10 countries.

“I didn’t want to create a book that’ll just look pretty on a shelf. I want this to become the most loved, reliable, sauce-splattered, page-folded go-to in your kitchen. It can be a beginner’s guide to the uninitiated or a source of quick inspiration to the seasoned cook,” says Patrick.

Whether you are a HelloFresh customer or not, you will certainly want this hardback as a go-to for easy reference in your kitchen. There’s excellent sections on preventing food waste and cooking tips include knife techniques, zesting, deseeding and how to boil water (seriously). You will soon know the difference between a rolling boil, simmering, poaching and a vigorous boil. None of the recipes involve complicated techniques and all require minimal effort.

There is an extensive collection of vegetarian recipes including Cajun halloumi burgers, fajitas, aubergine korma, tomato moussaka and honey roasted feta. There are also excellent recipes featuring chicken, fish and red meat. Each recipe is accompanied by clear instructions and step by step photography.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Mitchell Beazley, RRP $39.99


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