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Find Them Dead by Peter James

Peter James is a UK bestselling author whose books have been translated into 37 languages. Find Them Dead is the latest book in his series featuring the much-loved character Detective Superintendent Roy Grace.

Meg is excited about doing jury duty and feels this will help her to distract her from worrying about her eighteen-year-old daughter Laura, who is travelling South America with a friend. Laura is all Meg has in the world, after a car crash five years ago killed her husband and son. She thinks it will be an interesting experience, a pleasant interlude before she finds another job after being made redundant. But when she is selected for the trial of a big drug boss, everything changes for the worst. This is a man prepared to order the deaths of others to save his own skin.

The nightmare begins for Meg when she comes home one night to find a photograph of Laura in Ecuador, lying on her kitchen table. The next minute the phone rings with the demand. They want her to convince the jury to say two words…Not Guilty.

In the meantime, Roy Grace is called to a seemingly senseless murder, but when he investigates further, it seems to relate to a local drug lord, a lawyer turned criminal…

Find Them Dead is a page-turning, heart-palpitating read. As the trail continues, the evidence against the drug load seems overwhelming, but to save her daughter from harm, Meg has to somehow convince her fellow jurors that there is a shadow of a doubt and that he shouldn’t be convicted. It all leads towards a surprising but satisfying ending.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Macmillan publishers


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