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Everything Changes by Stephanie Johnson

What could possibly go wrong for the Seabrook family, who buy a rundown motel to start a new life?

Shifting from Auckland to a Northland hilltop to transform an abandoned motel seems like a good idea. Dad Davie has lost his job and mum Colette craves a change of scenery. There’s also been a recent incident involving their dog Muzza and the neighbour’s expensive designer cat. Their daughter Liv has recently returned from living in Los Angeles. She’s single, pregnant and won’t disclose the identity of the baby’s father.

Together, they plan to renovate and run the motel as a retreat where digital devices are unwelcome and internet access is not available. However, the motel needs plenty of work before it can host guests, so Davie enlists help from a local ankle-monitor wearing criminal.

Mayhem unfolds when a rich and famous American checks in anonymously with plans of his own. Meanwhile, Liv is soon romantically involved with another guest, Julie. They elope on a road trip which is cut short when she goes into labour. A sinister disclosure questions her role as a victim or villain.

Everything Changes is a fabulous, fast-paced dramatic read by the award-winning New Zealand author, Stephanie Johnson. Told in a multi-narrative style, it’s hilarious, witty and unpredictable. Read an extract of Everything Changes.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Vintage, RRP $36.00


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