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Eekily Sneakily by Anne Hunter and illustrated by Dave Gunson

This lovely children’s book is written by Anne Hunter and illustrated by Dave Gunson.

I read this with a grandchild who could not keep his hands from feeling the pages! He loved the verses and often requested a re-read before turning the page. We had a most enjoyable time.

Eekily Sneakily has catchy rhyming verse which captures the characteristics of a range of creatures our youngsters can discover in suburban gardens.

Verses are interesting and patterns easily read aloud. Having the Maori name on the page in addition to the common name of each creature is a great advantage.

The fifteen different creatures will have something of interest to all young people and the fascinating facts section at the back gives far more detailed information about distinctive characteristics, habits and habitat for those a little older.

The honey bee, frog, earthworm, stick insect, garden snail, praying mantis etc all have a story of their own.

The stunning illustrations are typical of Dave Gunson’s work which is always outstanding. On each page there is a life size image which is then shown enlarged in sensational colour. The detail in the graphics brings these creatures to life. These representations will prove fascinating to children as they are instantly recognisable.

Dave Gunson has designed and illustrated more than 80 children’s books. He has designed postage stamps for New Zealand and other countries. He also exhibits as an artist.

Anne Hunter the author of this particular book is a radiographer with a love for nature and exploring the outdoors. She has visited the Antarctic twice and holds a Graduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies. She has written a book on New Zealand Birds, One Little Fantail which Dave Gunson also illustrated.

Reviewer: Sonia Edwards

New Holland Publishers, RRP $24.99


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