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Dragons Under My Bed by Kath Bee

Updated: Dec 11, 2017

Kath Bee is well-known as a songwriter, winning awards for her songs such as Individuality and Dad I Wanna Be A Camel. Now her most popular song, Dragons Under My Bed is published as a picture book, with beautiful illustrations by Lisa Allen.

Dragons Under My Bed tells the story of a family of dragons who live under a young boy’s bed, that come out at night after Mum turns off the light.

He hears them giggling, and they have glowing eyes of red. And when they come out from under his bed they enjoy making a huge mess in his room, throwing clothes, toys and books onto the floor.  Of course, when Mum comes to investigate who is making all the noise, the family of dragons disappear back under the bed, and the little boy’s story of the dragons is never believed.

This is a delightful story that is fun to read aloud, and it has plenty to interest children on each page with the colourful illustrations. As a bonus the book has a downloadable link to an accompanying song.

I asked Milla McKenzie-Brown, who is nine years old, to add some comments to my review. Milla says, ‘It’s a very funny storyline and easy to read, and I liked that there is a song that goes with the book. I thought the illustrations where funny too, and added a lot to the book. Sometimes kids make a mess and blame it on a monster, so I liked this element of the book. I’d give Dragons Under My Bed a 9 out of 10.’

REVIEWERS: Karen McKenzie and Milla McKenzie-Brown

TITLE: Dragons Under My Bed AUTHOR(S): Kath Bee ILLUSTRATOR: Lisa Allen PUBLISHER: Duck Creek Press RRP: $19.99


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