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Dazzlehands - Ringakōreko by Sacha Cotter

The cow says ‘moo’ the chicken says ‘cluck’ and the pig says ... ‘Dazzlehands!’

As hard as the farmer tries, pig won’t go ‘oink’. Instead, pig gets all the animals moving to: train hands, rain hands, fly-it-like-a-plane hands. The farmer is shocked and tries again and again to help pig, but are his efforts in vain?

This is a book that is bursting with energy. From the bright pink cover of the English version to the metallic font, it instantly draws you in. Fortunately, the cover matches the book, because this is a delight.

Sacha Cotter and Josh Morgan have collaborated on three picture books prior to this (Keys/Ngā Kī, The Marble Maker/Te Kaihanga Māpere and The Bomb/Te Pohū) and the pair just get better and better with every book.

Dazzlehands is fun, funny and fantabulous. The story is fun to read aloud with a cracking pace and rhythm. It encourages children to get up, dance and

razzle their dazzlehands and the pig’s chant jingles with imagination, adding something new each time. There's a building sense of anticipation and a twist at the end, which adds to the magic.

The illustrations match the energy. Fans of Morgan will instantly recognise the style (keep an eye out for a familiar tentacled friend from The Bomb too). Every page is bright and bold and full of emotion. Every character is full of personality. Every single page is a delight - from an animal conga line to anatomical drawing of a pig, there is always something to catch your eye and make you smile.

Also available in the Māori language edition, Ringakōreko, Dazzlehands is an absolute delight from start to finish.

Huia Publishers

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell


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