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Cross Trees by Brin Murray

Crosstrees, the second book, continues where the first left off. The rebellion is overturned by the Revouts who are bringing all of their powers to bear to hunt down the Midwife. The children from the Centre scatter and Wil, Leah and Jace are separated. Wil sets off on his search for his sister and the truth while Jace and Lean travel together on a separate quest.

Again, this is a multi-layered and absorbing novel. The world the characters are moving in- Sekkerland - is much bigger and wider than in the first and is a fascinating though, alarming world for the reader to enter.The characters grow in depth over the course of the narrative as they are tested and survive those tests. Leah, especially, is a more complex and powerful character. The novel constantly surprises with many unexpected twists and turns. Something which is quite daunting is the heightened darkness, the intense brutality and violence. The sense of evil which pervades is not for the faint-hearted though the justice and excitement embodied in Wil’s quest partially relieves that-there is the feeling that good will eventually prevail.

Again, the strength of the writing beautifully carries this book along. This is compelling reading.

Reviewer: Paddy Richardson

Copy Press Books, RRP $26.00


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