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Crazy Busy by Kerene Strochnetter

During Level 4 Lockdown, we may not be physically rushing from place to place, however our minds are busy as ever. It’s likely we feel anxious, distracted, emotionally distant, numb or stressed.

Wearing a busy-badge can easily and quickly take a toll on your entire life. While mindfulness is proven to help, stopping to meditate can seem difficult, especially for busy people!

Do you often find yourself so focused on getting stuff done and checking off your to-do list that you overlook what’s most important to you? Take this quick online quiz to learn if you are wearing a busy-badge of honour.

“Even the busiest person can build mindfulness into their routine. There’s no need to sit for hours or burn any incense,” explains Crazy Busy author, Kerene Strochnetter.

Kerene shares her story of using mindfulness to jumpstart her life, plus everything you need to know to apply it in your own life.

“Establishing and sticking to a regular practice takes effort and commitment. However, over time our inner reward system kicks in, and it’s much easier to keep going,” she says.

If you want to reduce the impact of stress in your daily life, this book shows you how. All you need to get started is a few minutes each day. Kerene encourages everyone to begin their own mindfulness journey in a highly accessible way. She skilfully shows us how to gain perspective, make better choices and deepen self-awareness.

Kerene helps us make sense of mindfulness with relatable and realistic examples. Regardless of your life stage, Crazy Busy will help kick start your mindfulness practice. Follow Kerene online and read more in our author Q&A.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Mindful at Work, RRP $39.99


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