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Crane Guy by Sally Sutton

Crane Guy, up so high, tell me what you see!

What an awesome concept for a children’s book where they can explore the world from that bird’s eye view. Taking the beloved game of ‘I spy’ and twisting it into a narrative where young people can delight in the recognition of words beginning with the chosen letters.

Each page invites readers to spot all that they can on the page beginning with the letter. In doing so they interact with the book and can learn about how letters and words work. Then, beautifully, the writer Sally Sutton explores some of those options in a lyric exploration of the world around her.

Illustrated by Sarah Wilkins, it is great to take a different approach to the world around us and celebrate the many different facets of our world from the perspective of that crane.

The crane itself was a point of excitement and the wonderful thing is that this game in our family has now shifted from just the book to spotting cranes on the skyline and imagining what the ‘crane guy, up so high’ can see.

Crane Guy captures the imagination of young and old and helps with the learning of phonics, letters and words. There are endless spin offs from this where the joy of spending time together and learning is brought to life.

Reviewer: Chris Reed



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