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Bendy Wendy and the Fire Truck by Pat Chapman

It's night-time in the warehouse, but Pallet Jack can't sleep. Something is wrong. He discovers a fire and sets out to wake the others. Together, the forklifts get everybody out safely, and Bendy Wendy even manages to call the fire brigade!

Another fun book by Pat Chapman! We loved the first one ‘The tallest truck gets stuck’, so my son and I were really looking forward to this one.

An important message for any young children to know, what to do when there is a fire? The writing keeps the story at a great rhyming pace and the characters are so iconic my son loved their facial expressions, and the illustrations are vibrant and fresh.

I love how all of the forklifts all work together to make sure everyone gets out safe and my sons favourite part was when the Fire Engine arrived. It started a great conversation at home about how we would all escape if we had a fire, where would we meet and of course we went around the house and all checked our smoke alarms!

Reviewer: Chrissy Metge

Upstart Press, RRP $19.99


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