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Basket by the Door by Sophie Hansen

Sophie Hansen’s Basket by the Door is a seasonal collection of recipes for family and friends who may need comfort or cheering up.

Sophie believes the best way to show someone they are valued is to take the time to make them something nourishing and tasty. Nothing says ‘I love you and I’m here’ better than food you’ve taken the time to make, wrap and deliver explains Sophie.

Basket by the Door is divided into seasons with 140 recipes to cover some of life’s big moments. Sophie includes ideas to cook for loved ones celebrating an exciting milestone, moving house, busy with a new born or recovering from illness. Personal favourites include a portable breakfast to surprise a friend, spiced broad bean and pea dip with lavosh crackers.

I enjoyed reading the tips on catering for a crowd, including recipes for the classics, like glazed ham. I’ve already book marked a refreshing vanilla, peach and mint iced tea for the summer months. Likewise, the spice zucchini loaf.

There’s notes on preserving fruit and jam making. Sophie also shows you how to make gift trays and baskets with minimal cooking. A Basket by the Door will be enjoyed by fans of

Sophie Hansen grew up in Sydney, Australia but now lives with her family on a farm in rural New South Wales. Trained as a journalist, Sophie spent two decades as a features writer. Sophie has been awarded in recognition of her commitment to rural communities. A Basket by the Door is her second cookbook.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Allen and Unwin, RRP $45

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