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Better than a Bought One by Jo Seagar

I have many recipe books by Jo Seager and find her recipes to be ones that I turn to on regular occasion – her recipes are always good. They are reliably tasty and they always work! Her new book, Better than a Bought One is a valuable addition to any home cook’s kitchen.

In Better than a Bought One, Jo Seager shows how to put on great celebrations with minimum effort and maximum effect – everything from high tea to a wedding, a 21st to a baby shower, an office shout to a winter dinner party. There is also a section for a casual Kiwi Christmas and a Matariki celebration.

There are loads of clever ideas in this book, and I thought it was a welcome addition to the book to include bespoke handmade gifts at the back of the book, such as recipes for mustard, jellies, fudge, relish and biscuits.

The layout of the book is well-designed and easy to use, and the photographs by Jae Frew are inspiring while being clear and crisp. What more could you wish for? Top notch recipes and ideas, all presented in a well-considered book. Better than a Bought One is a joyful book, a book not just to be admired, but to be put into action for your next celebration, whatever it might be. Jo Seager is right too; home-made is much better than a bought one when it comes to celebrations!

Reviewer: Iain McKenzie

Penguin Random House, RRP $50.00


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