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Bad Jelly the Witch by Spike Milligan special 45th anniversary edition

I can remember reading Bad Jelly to my own children and enjoying their reactions of gasps of fear and shocked giggles at the sheer naughtiness of it-‘oh help’ called the giant, ‘I’m showing my bottom’.

I’ve seen how the magic of this story continues to captivate another generation as my six year old grandson and his friend listened and giggled and looked a little afraid and then played at being rescuing eagles.

What could possibly be better than a story about a witch who can turn bananas into mice, policemen into apple trees and children into sausages, a story that mixes silliness and fun with a smidgeon of terror and a happy-ever-after ending? This gift edition is special - an attractively illustrated hardback copy, the story written as the original copies were in Spike Milligan’s own hand and with a CD of his own voice reading.

Reviewer: Paddy Richardson

Penguin Random House


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