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AudioBooks NZ: A unique New Zealand innovation and success story

Founded by Theo Gibson in 2018, Audiobooks NZ offers personalised audiobook services, each book recognised as a unique piece, requiring its own pathway from production to distribution.

Partnering with American aggregator Findaway, their distribution extends to over forty different international networks, reaching 170 countries. Working with Wheelers, Scholastic, Oratia Media, New Holland Publishers, Potton & Burton, Allen & Unwin, Tall Tree Trust (Barry Crump), National Library of NZ, and others, they currently have over forty locally made New Zealand titles and 240,000 international titles available on their audiobook platform, with many local titles soon to be released.

By partnering with the Findaways distribution network, not only do they offer recorded audiobooks, but they also give access to over 240,000+ of the best audiobooks the web has to offer.

The New Zealand owned and operated production house is committed to making as much NZ audible content as possible. They are the only dedicated audiobook producer and distributor in New Zealand and are committed to keep growing their catalogue of home-grown work.

New Zealand’s best narrators bring each book to life, giving the audiobooks a distinct and recognisable kiwi feel while showcasing our local authors. Audiobooks NZ Android and iOS apps allow users to access their own audiobook library, search and find content and make audiobook purchases directly to their mobile phones. These purchases are synced across all devices to make listening easy. Additionally, local content is discoverable and downloadable via the world’s largest audiobook providers, including Google, Audible, Apple and Kobo and in libraries via Overdrive.

Audiobooks NZ has just recently released its new Android App to accompany its iOS app for Apple Devices.

This free app gives Android-based devices instant access to audiobooks purchased on the Audiobooks NZ platform. The new app features an attractive, simple to use interface with traditional audio controls, sleep timer, bookmarking, speed controls and the ability to listen via chrome cast.

As with their IOS app, with the new Android app, you get:

• An attractive and easy-to-use interface

• Instant access to your personal audiobook library

• Purchase audiobooks within the app

• Resume playback functionality

• Variable speed playback

• Bookmarking

• Playback sync between Android, iOS and website

• Buy additional book credits (BC)

• Add audiobooks to your Wishlist

• Wishlist synced between all devices

• Write Review about Audiobooks

• Download audiobooks directly over Wi-Fi and any cellular network for offline listening

To create an account and sign up for a 14-day trial and get your first audiobook for free, go to

Another exciting feature Audiobooks NZ is rolling out the new book club feature.

Share stories with friends, students or colleagues in an online book club that you control! It’s easy – just set a book club, invite your club members and choose an audiobook. Your members can listen anywhere and return to discuss on Audiobooks NZ. With the built-in chat option, the Book Club is perfect for both traditional and remote teams.

About Theo Gibson:

Theo Gibson, founder, CEO and Creative Director of Audiobooks NZ, is an arts technology practitioner with a broad range of experience in theatre, film, TV, audio production and digital media education. Theo believes his technical skills and experience with artistic productions give him a creative edge and an ear for audio.

Theo loved audiobooks from a young age thanks to his parents who also work in the arts playing them to Theo as a child. It was a goal of Theo’s when he first went to film school to produce audiobook content. It has taken 20 years for Theo to turn full circle and put that sound engineer training to the use it was intended. 2021 will be the year of the New Zealand audiobook.


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