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Elastic Island Adventures: Alphabet Resort by Karen McMillan

Updated: May 31, 2020

Kiri, Jed, and twins Emma and Ethan are back for another adventure that starts with them pinging across the ocean on an 'elastic' island. The children are off to the wedding of King Shiny and Princess Topaz.

Love is in the air, especially when they meet Wombo the Wombat, a bachelor looking for love but without the courage or self belief to make it happen.

Then, Princess Topaz is kidnapped and a frantic hunt to find her begins.

Will the children find her in time for the wedding? And will Wombo the Wombat succeed in finding love?

Alphabet Resort is the fourth book in the Elastic Island Adventures children's book series by author Karen McMillan.

The series started as a family project to enjoy with her husband's granddaughter Milla. The success of the stories means book number five is in the pipeline, with Milla offering input.

Alphabet Resort sticks with the lovable cast of characters readers know and love from its predecessors. The four young children in the story are well defined and likable, each with their own quirks and strengths. The relationships and interactions between the four characters - and indeed with the minor characters - are realistic and perfectly pitched for the intended audience of children aged between eight and 12 years.

It took a little longer than expected for the action to start in Alphabet Resort. While the first three books were straight into drama and chaos, Alphabet Resort was more of a slow burner to begin with which might surprise familiar readers. It wasn't a bad thing however, with McMillan taking the time to introduce new characters and set the scene for the frantic hunt that follows.

While the book is number four in the series, McMillan makes sure it is still works as a standalone book. Details and themes that carry on through the series are briefly recapped in the book, but done in a way that familiar readers aren't bored by the repetition and new readers get enough to understand the backstory.

Fans of Blong the cat and Mrs Quokka will be pleased to know both characters appear in this story, and are fabulous as usual - with a great setup for one of them in the fifth book hinted at within the pages of Alphabet Resort.

Alphabet Resort takes readers on an exciting and creative journey. With a cast of quirky characters and plenty of action, it makes for a great read.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

Duckling Publishing, RRP $19.99


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