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All of This is for You: A Little Book of Kindness by Ruby Jones

Wellington-based artist and writer Ruby Jones gained worldwide attention following the Christchurch terror attacks. Her illustration of two women embracing, penned with the words, 'this is your home and you should have been safe here', captured a message of hope and kindness. Shortly after the attacks she was asked to illustrate a cover for Time magazine, and has since been featured in Buzzfeed, Vogue, Marie Clare and Nadia magazine.

All of This is for You is her debut book, that speaks to the dark and challenging times we face today.

Jones shares dozens of luminous, heartfelt, hand-lettered artworks and messages. She shares messages of compassion and reminds the reader of how lucky we are to be here - as well as how we can be kinder to ourselves, to the people in our lives, and to the world around us.

Jones states at the beginning of the book that she hopes that readers can open the book and find a page that speaks to them. There is no doubt that she has achieved her objective. Every page oozes with a deeper message and gives readers hope and comfort. She puts into pictures, and simple words, what it means to be human - those tender moments that traverse age or skin colour, religion or gender.

Jones's illustrations are simple, yet effective. She has perfectly matched each illustration with simple words, both working to tell a deep story. Her two most famous illustrations - both the one following the terror attack in March, and the Time cover - are included in the book too.

While it is aspirational, it is also deeply inspirational. Jones implores all of us to lead a revival in kindness as the antidote for today's harsh realities.

All of This is for You is a sweet, thoughtful book that ponders some big questions and emotions.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Penguin, RRP $24.


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