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A Noise Downstairs by Linwood Barclay

Professor Paul Davis forgets things, like why he walked into a room, who he spoke to and what they said. He forgets promises he made to his wife and sometimes he becomes so overwhelmed he fears he's losing his mind.

Paul was a normal guy with a normal life until he was brutally attacked after surprising a murderer disposing two bodies. Eight months on, he is unable to return to work but is recovering with the help of a therapist.

Desperate to cheer him up, his wife, Charlotte brings home a vintage typewriter, complete with ink ribbons and heavy round keys to encourage him to begin the novel he's always intended to write. But at night, Paul begins to hear typing noises from downstairs. Charlotte doesn't hear a thing and no one believes him when he says the typewriter is somehow connected to the recent murders. The killer made his victims type apology letters to him before ending their lives. Could this be the same typewriter? Just because he is paranoid, doesn't mean it isn't happening. Increasingly distressed by the potential connection, Paul begins investigating the deaths himself. Maybe he should stop asking questions and simply walk away while he can.

Linwood's prologue addictively sets the scene for this nail biting thriller and keeps you guessing until the end. Linwood Barclay is the internationally bestselling author of numerous suspense thrillers and master of the shocking twist. Several of his books have been adapted for television or film. He lives near Toronto, Canada with his wife.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Hachette, RRP $34.99


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