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Yum! by Nadia Lim, Annabel Inglis, Jenny Douglas and Lisa Daniels

I wish there had been a book like this when I had my children over 25 years ago. But 25 years ago we didn’t have the same vast array of foods and ingredients available to us, let alone the TV personalities that have inspired us to eat better, cook better and try new things.

Nadia Lim is a household name, and her reputation as a chef, mother and down to earth person already gives this book kudos. She and fellow author/cook/mother Annabel Inglis have been joined by paediatric dietitians/mums Jenny Douglas and Lisa Daniels in the creation of this very attractive and well-presented book.

The first section begins at pregnancy with a look at nutrition and what to eat over this important time, then progresses to different stage of a baby’s development, from the first 6 months through to weaning, starting solids and toddler nutrition. There is information on vegetarian and vegan eating, with some very comprehensive suggestions about different fats, vitamins and proteins and the best way to source them. The chapters on family nutrition, dealing with fussy eating and the very detailed information around food intolerances and allergies are useful for anyone, not just parents. It is all presented in a very clear and reader friendly format. The font is quite large and this makes it seem all the more enjoyable to read.

After the introductory section come the recipes. With full colour pictures and clear instructions, these range from time saving recipes for busy parents, breakfast foods, snacks family favourite meals through to sweet treats. All the recipes are clearly labelled with their allergy status, with handy suggestions to vary them where needed.

I have to say, the food looks delicious and the recipes are user friendly and explained well.

I asked the opinion of the young parents in our family, who have an excellent approach to feeding their two year old. Both fussy eaters when they were young, they are determined not to go down this path with their own daughter .They both said they were really keen to try these recipes and loved the look of the book. Far too often recipe books sit on the coffee table unused, but this one will no doubt have its favourite and most often used pages splattered with food in no time, which they deserve to be.

Reviewer: Rachel White

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