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Yates Top 50 Indoor Plants and how NOT to kill them! by Angie Thomas

I particularly love the ‘how NOT to kill them’ part of this title, and after looking through this book, it is an invaluable guide to all that you need to know about 50 indoor plants.

Houseplants are definitely on trend again, bringing the outdoors in and making a room feel fresh and welcoming. It’s great that indoor plants work well for purifying the air and making a home healthy. The book starts with recommendations of what plants are suited to different parts of your home, including low-light rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, bedrooms, offices, large space, and small spaces. The book then details various plant attributes.

For each of the 50 plants featured in the book, there is a colour photo, along with a description of the plant and suggestions of where it is most suitable. There are recommended products to use, a step by step guide on ‘How to Grow’ along with Growing Tips.

At the end of the book are chapters on indoor plant care, everything from types of potting mix and types of pots, to how to water and feed, and general troubleshooting tips.

I would recommend this handsome book, and I’m sure this means by consulting this book, I’m unlikely to kill any plants in my home ever again! Author Angie Thomas certainly knows her stuff – this book is impressive.

Reviewer: Iain McKenzie

HarperCollins, RRP $39.99


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