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Writely or Wrongly: An unstuffy guide to language stuff by Joanne Anderson

Writely or Wrongly is an irreverent guide for readers and writers, challenging traditional writing norms. Whether you’re an experienced writer or just looking to improve your written communication skills, this book offers valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the written word.

Author, Joanne Anderson has taken her popular weekly writing tips and transformed them into an essential resource for anyone wanting to enhance their written communication skills. In a world where we all need to express ourselves in writing, but don’t want to be bogged down by rigid rules, this book is a breath of fresh air. Joanne’s witty and engaging style ensures that improving your writing will be genuinely enjoyable.

Joanne strikes a balance between acknowledging the importance of conventions for clarity in the English language and challenging commonly held beliefs about what is correct or necessary. Her insights are both entertaining and informative.

One of the standout features is the exploration of punctuation marks and the often overlooked roles they play in shaping our writing. Her witty observations shed light on the nuances of language and provide readers with valuable tools to craft more engaging writing.

Writely or Wrongly, also delves into the common pitfall many writers encounter, exposing sentence-mangling culprits and jargon overuse. Using humour, Joanne helps readers identify and avoid these obstacles in their own writing.

If you enjoyed An Admirable Point: a brief history of the exclamation mark by Florence Hazrat you’ll love Writely or Wrongly.

Melbourne based Joanne Anderson has worked as a journalist on major publications in Australia and Hong Kong. As a chief desk editor she herds thousands of words every day and adjudicates on tricky language questions. She has worked on in-house style guides and regularly writes on English use.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Murdoch Books


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