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Wobble, Waddle, Toddle by Anne Hunter

Who can resist a smiley dolphin or a fluffy penguin chick? And how much fun is it to make the sounds of a harrumphing seal or to pretend to fly like a fluttery snow petrel and a soaring albatross?

The windswept islands, ocean, and ice below New Zealand and Australia, all the way down to Antarctica, are home to some incredible wildlife. This charming book will captivate our young readers, combining gorgeous watercolour illustrations and rhyming verse to focus on creatures from the deep south.

Each double spread of Wobble, Waddle, Toddle plays host to a fun and descriptive poem about one specific animal - from a fur seal to orca, albatross to colossal squid, there's something for every animal lover.

'Fascinating facts' in the back of the book offer something more for readers, as does a list of references. Identified Māori names of the animals are also included throughout.

Illustrator Dave Gunson once again nails the artwork. Gunson always creates the most beautiful depictions of New Zealand wildlife, and this book keeps his reputation alive. They are simply stunning.

Hunter and Gunson's creation is a valuable resource for schools and homes. My children picked up the book and instantly wanted to pay homage to it. Off their own bat, they used it as an example to research native birds and create their own poems and illustrations. It also sparked some deeper conversations about conservation and caring for animals.

Wobble, Waddle, Toddle is an inspiring and delightful introduction for younger readers to get acquainted with the wonderful creatures that call New Zealand and our surroundings home.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell Bateman Books, RRP $21.99


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