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Wishy-Washy World, and Wishy-Washy Wonder by Joy Cowley

Mrs Wishy-Washy, and author Joy Cowley, need no introduction for those of us who went through primary school in New Zealand.

Written for early primary school-aged children, these are new stories in the Wishy-Washy series, but they follow the tried and tested formula. This collection of simple stories uses predictable story structure, rhythm and repetition to create story magic.

The formula empowers younger readers, setting them up for success and helping spark a love of reading.

The text and pictures match perfectly on each page, helping younger readers make meaning from words. Each story ends with the trademark humorous twist that fans of Mrs Wishy-Washy know and love.

Young readers will laugh out loud at the predicaments in the book, no doubt feeling a connection with the animals in Mrs Wishy-Washy's constant battle to keep them clean. There will be plenty of smiles throughout, as the book tackles food, helping, and working together.

Illustrated by Philip Webb, the drawings are faithful to the ones of our childhood. Why mess with a winning formula? Gorgeous endpapers, and a simple contents page add to the charm.

A hardback cover means these books will future generations will get the chance to fall in love with Mrs Wishy-Washy too.

The anthologies are the perfect book to transition children from being read-to at bedtime to being able to enjoy a book by themselves.

These are essential anthologies for younger readers, and parents will love the nostalgia of reacquainting themselves with the Wishy-Washys and their farmyard animals.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

Clean Slate Press, RRP $24.99 each


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