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Win a copy of Winged Helmet, White Horse by Karyn Hay

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Following the recent success of Karyn Hay’s historical fiction novel, The March of the Foxgloves, Karyn returns with Winged Helmet, White Horse – a novel more reminiscent in style of her debut, Emerald Budgies.

Set in contemporary London, Winged Helmet, White Horse is a darkly comic psychological drama.

Tim has mastered the art of subordination: to his job, his wife, and even his daughter. Having written one critically acclaimed book of poetry he is struggling to write a second, while his wife, Natasha, who is into ‘positive affirmations’, and spending money, has plans of her own.

As Tim stumbles through the social landscape of suburban London, trying to give up alcohol and gain some control over his life, he makes several disturbing discoveries; ultimately concluding that he is not in control of anything, and that it’s all been a terrible, deadly illusion.

NZ Booklovers has one copy to giveaway.

Congratulations to Sarah Blair for winning this competition.


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