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Win a copy of Midmost Marvin

Well known cartoonist and illustrator Shaun Yeo has teamed up with Callan Goodall to produce a funny, fast-paced story of daring-do about characters who are easy to relate to, and told with catchy rhythm and rhyme.

Marvin is decidedly average . . . He is mediocre at best and never really stands out from the crowd, he’s mid-level and moderate in every way, apart from his one great love: skateboarding.

And he’s up for a challenge when he wants to impress the new girl at school!

Marvin’s story proves that you don’t have to be extraordinary to stand out.

Shaun Yeo is the daily political cartoonist for the Daily Times, most recently grabbing attention locally for his “Bugger” bear cartoon as Covid community transmission spread, and internationally famous for his “Crying Kiwi” after the Christchurch shootings.

Callan Goodall has spent all his working life in education in Otago and Southland. He’s a keen sportsman and artist and lives in Invercargill with his family.

Two lucky people will win!

Competition ends 18 September.


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