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Win a copy of Flying High by Simon Nathan

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Flying High: The photography of Lloyd Homer by Simon Nathan has just published!

An illustrated account of the work of Lloyd Homer, a leading photographer of New Zealand’s natural environment:

• A unique record of the impact of many natural disasters – working for GNS Science, Lloyd was often first on the spot to cover events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides

• Later in his career Lloyd specialised in aerial photography - his spectacular panoramas across the whole country from high altitude, include aerial photographs of several national parks

• Some of Lloyd’s aerial photos show places and events often not seen from the ground

Lloyd Homer was born and raised in the Hutt Valley. Always interested in the outdoors, he joined his local tramping club while still at school and was quickly involved in Search and Rescue, and later joined the Ruapehu ski patrol. Working for the New Zealand Geological Survey (now GNS Science), Lloyd built a collection of over 100,000 images. More than 300 of his images have been included in Te Ara, the online Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

In the 1990s Lloyd was asked to go to Hong Kong to undertake aerial photography for the Hong Kong Geological Survey. He took almost 3500 photographs and the images have been used many times in technical monographs and popular publications as well as a special stamp issue featuring the rocks of Hong Kong.

NZ Booklovers has a copy to win.

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