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Wildlife of Aotearoa by Gavin Bishop

As reviewed on The Cafe, TV3!

Gavin Bishop is an award-winning children’s picture book writer and illustrator and he lives in Christchurch. Gavin has had about 60 books published and has an interest in NZ’s nature and environment.

His latest book, Wildlife of Aotearoa, takes us through some of our amazing wildlife in New Zealand! There are all these detailed spreads. In Some Fish Enjoy the Light of the Sun, he draws fish like a Boarfish and a Seahorse. In Where the Sea Meets the Land, we get to enjoy the penguins and sea urchins.

In Life in the Bush After Dark, we get to see Kiwis and bats! We even get to see Wildlife in the House with dust mites, garden snails and mice.

It’s an oversized book, and I think the idea is that little kids will get drawn in the images, so it will be an even more exciting experience for them, as they feel they are part of the scenery.

Wildlife of Aotearoa is a stunning book that looks incredible and it also has a lot of interesting facts. I read the book and learnt so much about different creatures I hadn’t heard of, as well as more about wildlife I already knew about. So I think it’s a fun book that you can learn a lot from.

Reviewer: Milla McKenzie-Brown

Published by Penguin Random House