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Who is Maud Dixon? by Alexandra Andrews

Florence Darrow wants to be a writer but when she is fired from her first proper job in publishing she jumps at the chance to assist the anonymous bestselling novelist, Maud Dixon.

The job offer includes the condition of secrecy and living on the celebrated author’s isolated rural property. Florence gratefully accepts the assistant role and soon settles into her new life. Before long, Helen aka Maud Dixon, invites Florence to accompany her on a research trip to Morocco. Beach walks, delicious food, hidden riads, dreamy sunsets and exploring souks are sure to inspire Maud Dixon’s much anticipated follow up second novel. Florence who has never left the country, immediately accepts the invitation and fast tracks a passport. Arriving in Marrakech, the trip is everything she imagined it would be. Until Florence wakes up in a hospital, having narrowly survived a car crash. What happened and how? More importantly, where is Helen who was in the car with her? Florence suspects something isn’t right, but if Maud aka Helen is no longer around, maybe she can make her mark as a writer. After all, Florence was the only person who knew Helen was dead… and the real question, who is Maud Dixon, still remains.

This is a bold, intense debut from Alexandra Andrews. I was completely rivetted until the final pages, enjoying the suspense and dramatic plot twists scattered throughout!

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Hachette, RRP $34.99


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