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Whistle in the Dark by Emma Healey

Four missing days. Could you cope with not knowing what happened?

Whistling in the dark is an attempt to remain calm and convince yourself a situation isn't as bad as it seems. This is exactly the position Jen finds herself in, when her 15 year old daughter goes missing for four agonising days. When Lana is found in desolate countryside, she is unharmed but refuses to tell anyone what happened. Everyone thinks the worst is over and the police consider the case closed.

Jen tries to reconnect with her daughter, but she stays stubbornly silent. Meanwhile, life in London, doesn't return to normal. Lana begins to act strangely, sleeping with the light on, making phone calls, hiding books and refusing to go to school.

Jen sets out to solve the mystery herself, but how do you rescue someone who has already been found? The answer lies in the four missing days. What will it take for the truth to be revealed? This thought provoking and relatable story reflects every parent's worst nightmare. It is a compelling page turner, till the end.

This is Emma Healey's second novel and cements her position as a natural storyteller. Her first novel was the award winning, Elizabeth is Missing.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Penguin Random House, RRP $37.00


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