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Which? What? Why? by Dave Gunson

We all know a child's favourite question...why?

Fortunately, author and illustrator Dave Gunson has created two new books to answer the questions our little ones have about the seashore and the garden.

The Which? What? Why? series includes one book dedicated to New Zealand seashore wildlife and the other to our gardens. Both follow the same format and feature Gunson's bold, bright cartoons.

Gunson has done a brilliant job at selecting questions to answer - from fish ears to bird teeth, to answering exactly where the water goes when the tide goes out He ticks off a huge range of curly questions with simple answers and some funny ones too.

The books also include some little breakout boxes, full of factoids and interesting tidbits (who knew a pigeon is the only bird that can suck up water?).

Gunson uses cartoons to illustrate the questions, with bright, bold colours instantly capturing your eye. They are funny and cute, with speech bubbles adding to the humour. While they may be cartoons, he's made sure they are still instantly recognisable as the species and fairly accurate - even if the situations they find themselves in might not be.

If your little ones are curious to know more about what's living at the beach or in your garden, the Which? What? Why? series are just what you're looking for.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

Bateman Books, RRP $19.99 each