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When She Was Good by Michael Robotham

Evie Cormac is a teenager with a traumatic past. Six years ago, she was found hiding in a house in the aftermath of a brutal murder, a man tortured to death. Everyone thinks the dead man abused her, when in fact he saved her after years of abuse, and in his last moments from certain death. No one knows her real name, the secrets she keeps, or where she came from – and she wants to keep it that way. Everyone who tries to find out her secrets ends up dead.

But forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven believes the truth will set Evie free, and they have a special bond. But despite her warnings, he starts to dig into her past – to discover a web of corruption and abuse, with powerful people at the helm. What Cyrus doesn’t know is that with his digging, he is leading killers directly to Evie. It looks like the truth won’t set Evie free, instead it will get them both killed.

The novel alternates the point of view between Evie and Cyrus, which allows the reader to get to know the characters well, and it also serves to ratchet up the tension. When She Was Good is another page-turning, emotionally engaging thriller form Michael Robotham, one that I couldn’t put down! This is a writer who is consistently at the top of his game, and he deserves all his awards and accolades. I can’t wait to read his next book.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Published by Hachette


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