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When Grandpa Wore a Tutu by Dawn McMillan


Back in the day, Grandpa was a dairy farmer. When the local farmers are wrangled into putting on a performance of Swan Lake for the village concert at the country hall, Grandpa practices his dance moves in the cowshed, boots and all. Grandma sews him a tutu ready for his starring role. Together with his farmer friends, they dance up a story, wearing a variety of unusual footwear, including Grandpa in his gumboots.

This is a fun and funny story told by Grandpa to his grandson, with a delightful twist at the end. Author Dawn McMillan keeps it simple, but sweet, with wonderful use of rhyme. 

Illustrator Jenny Cooper captures the heart of the story, with a host of wonderfully drawn characters dancing across the page. They are full of expression and detail, from baggy socks to hairy armpits. With muted colour, Cooper captures the nostalgia of Grandpa's dancing days.

Inspired by a fond family memory, McMillan's story will delight readers, both young and old.


Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell



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