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What if...? by Lynn Jenkins and Kirrili Lonergan

A child’s mind is endlessly curious. The consistent use of the ‘why’ has driven parents to spare for generations and has led many to get the young mind to ‘ask their [insert other parent here]’. This new book from Lynn Jenkins and Kirrili Lonergan captures that endlessly curious spirit and really celebrates it. What if…? Is an exploration into the world of the interested, the land of the spirited wonder, and it is well worth the visit.

It’s an opportunity for young people to learn more about the world around them while encouraging them to explore their imagination as much as the physical environment in which they live. Looking at things and suggesting alternatives is the key to any creative endeavour and this really does achieve this worthy goal.

In our own reading of the book, a myriad of what ifs came out - some humorous, some profound, all immensely valuable as learning and experiential. Such joy was on the faces of the young minds as they imagined far away worlds, alternative realities, plus plenty of what if my sister was a chicken - type of jokes.

The illustrations in What if…? Are visually stunning and match the text perfectly. Their dreamlike quality replete with pastel colours mirror the tone of the whole text. They are a wonderful accompaniment to the concept.

Parents are bound to love this book as much as their children. For teachers this provides endless opportunity for creative writing tasks and general imagination building activities. It is a really wonderful idea and executed beautifully.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

EK Books


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