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What Colour is the Sky? by Laura Shallcrass

What Colour is the Sky? is a new picture book from award-winning author Laura Shallcrass and is focused on the two main characters, Hare and Pihoihoi. This is arguably the most visually stunning picture book of the year with wonderfully vibrant illustrations by Shallcrass - an artist herself, based in Queenstown.

The central premise of the book is to look at how animals see the world, and how they share experiences of what they see. Taken larger, there is plenty of opportunity to talk about how we all see the world differently. (That may be more of an English teacher perspective though!)

Along the journey of discovery through the descriptions of the sky and the various colours that are described, other animals talk about their own interpretations. From the hedgehog, the snail, the mouse, the frog and the ruru all providing their unique perspectives.

At the conclusion of the story is a helpful summary of the various animals referred to in the story and suggests why they see things differently. Sometimes it is a genetic disposition towards bad eyesight, through to their nocturnal tendencies having an impact.

Overall, it is such a wonderfully illustrated book that one finds themselves totally engrossed in the images and almost skipping over the words themselves. It was about three times before the story was taken in, in our household.

Magnificent in its beauty and thoroughly enjoyable as a text.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Beatnik Publishing


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