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Wellness by Jess Blair

Naturopath and nutritionist Jess Blair advocates small lifestyle changes for big results. Her food philosophy is based on helping people discover high quality nutritional foods that can be easy, convenient and delicious.

Jess says about 90 percent of our serotonin (happy hormone) is created in the digestive tract. So it makes sense, that nutrient dense food can help create healthy, happy habits.

Personally, Jess shows her family the importance of food for energy and food isn’t used as a treat for good behaviour.

“I want my boys to grow up with a healthy relationship with food and to learn how to be the healthiest versions of themselves,” says Jess, mother of two and wife of New Zealand Warriors player Adam Blair.

Wellness is an easy read, divided into chapters on naturopathy, nutrition, exercise, a healthy home and living well. The last chapters focus on acceptance, gratitude, mindfulness, gratitude, selfcare and stress management.

Jess also provides a seven day lifestyle overhaul plan. This includes sample menus (including plenty of recipes) to reboot healthy eating and Jess’s favourite ways to stay hydrated. This is followed by numerous case studies, each focussing on different lifestyle recommendations. Jess expands on her health first ethos to help eliminate the diet mindset where food is the enemy. She encourages us to add good habits to our daily lives.

“Remember, small changes lead to big results. Life is a journey, constantly evolving, and a series of small, sustainable changes will be more effective than trying to change everything all at once,” she says.

“It’s not about being perfect, it’s about gradual, continuous improvement on your path to wellness.”

Despite her own online presence, Jess cautions over use of screens and social media. She challenges readers to put their phones aside for the day, a weekend or a week. Ultimately, she is reminding us to live in the real world and avoid comparing ourselves to others through social media.

“All that really matters is to be healthy and happy,” she says.

Originally from Queensland, Australia Jess is a naturopath and nutritionist now living in New Zealand. Follow Jess Blair online here.

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