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Welcome to Glorious Tuga by Francesca Segal

London zoologist Charlotte Walker has accepted a fellowship on a small, remote island to study endangered gold coin tortoises. She has the best of reasons for the year-long adventure - to help save a species, but her personal reasons are more complicated. 

Charlotte is determined to solve the mystery of her life-long connection to the island of Tuga de Oro. However, she has little time for sleuthing when she discovers that not only do the tortoises need attention, but so do the island’s dogs and donkeys! Her days are quickly filled with unexpected challenges and heartwarming moments. 

Meanwhile, she finds herself drawn to the local doctor Dan, and soon becomes the subject of island gossip. However, the island’s eccentric residents are determined to win her over. 

“Writing this novel was deliberately reaching out for joy. The world can feel very bleak, and bringing Tuga to life became my own magical portal to wide beaches, crystal seas, endless sunshine and, most vitally, to a warm, eccentric community of good people mostly just trying to do their best. Tuga de Oro was a refuge for its first settlers, and I hope will offer refuge for readers, too,” says Francesca.

Welcome to Glorious Tuga is the perfect escape to immerse yourself in a tropical paradise with a vibrant and quirky community. A guaranteed feel-good read. 

Charlotte is a relatable character on a journey of self-discovery. Francesca’s writing is wonderfully descriptive, bringing the fictional island to life, and the dialogue is equally witty. She cleverly explores the importance of community and the sense of belonging. Welcome to Glorious Tuga is a delightful novel celebrating love, community and self-realisation.

Francesca Segal is an award-winning British writer and journalist. She is the author of The Innocents and The Awkward Age. Follow Francesca online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

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