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Weeping Angels by Riley Chance

Lauren has a secret past, but she is intent on helping others when she starts Weeping Angels, a niche business that helps victims of family violence obtain protection orders. Lauren wants to fix the justice system, so despite privacy concerns, she does an interview with journalist Grace ‘Ace’ Marks in the hopes of putting pressure on the government to make changes.

Lauren disappears not long after the interview after visiting a friend. Grace is concerned, although the police are not, and she begins to investigate. The questions mount up. Who is Lauren? Why does nobody know where she lives? And why doesn’t she exist outside Weeping Angels? It would seem sinister forces are the cause of her sudden disappearance, and it just might link to her very private past…

Weeping Angels is a gripping thriller that shines a light on the tough topic of family violence, but in such an engaging way it will have you frantically turning the pages and cheering on the resourceful protagonists. Original and thought-provoking.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Copy Press


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