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Wealth Plan by Andrew Nicol & Ed McKnight

Things are tough financially right now. Well, things are tough in areas wider than financial, but for the purpose of this review, we need to focus just on that area. It seems like most people are finding the pinch of increased food costs, fuel costs, rent, and on and on it goes. Finding ways to get ahead seems few and far between. However, Andrew Nicol and Ed McKnight have teamed up to produce Wealth Plan, a way to invest in New Zealand property - even in this market.

Broken into principles, Nicol and McKnight strategically work through the important aspects of wealth growth and financial futures that are stable and allow freedom through property investment. It is packed full of tips and techniques that, once read, make so much sense and have you kicking yourself for not seeing the opportunities so clearly.

The passive income prospect is a thought never too far away from everyone’s mind. The dream of being financially self-sufficient from the income generated from revenues outside of your main income, and if you are already feeling a little overwhelmed from the language and words of things like income generation, wealth management, and revenues, then you are not alone. It’s part of the modern world made complex to benefit those who either are in the know or for those willing to do the research (i.e. not many of us). But that is where Nicol and McKnight have succeeded where most fail. There is nothing complex about the language in this book. And while that may sound like something small, it is a huge benefit to the everyday person looking to get ahead.

The book is a key to unlocking some of the best financial opportunities around at present, and all right in front of our eyes at present. There really are bargains waiting to be had by those willing to take a risk.

And there’s the rub. That word ‘risk’. Nicol and McKnight look to assist those plagued into inaction by the word by explaining literally every scenario in a way that is comforting, honest and helpful. As aforementioned, the little tidbits of tips and tricks really do make a massive difference to the financial opportunities that can be found.

Overall, this book is a revolution. A simple but thorough guide to the prospect of property investment and management in order to secure financial stability and wealth growth.

Now is the time. As one of the greatest investors of our time once said - be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful. Seems like there is plenty of fear around right now. Time to get the skills and be greedy.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Point Publishing


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