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We Saw A Spinosaurus by Kyle Mewburn

We were trying to have a snorus, when we heard a growling chorus floating down the corridorus.... Three children spy a dinosaur walking through their school, followed by another one, and another, and another. The children decide to follow the dinosaurs and what a surprise they find.

Author Kyle Mewburn plays with words in this fun book that young children, dinosaur lovers especially, will relish. Mewburn uses 'nonsense' rhyming words throughout the book. Hearing and using rhyme and repetition helps our younger readers develop early literacy skills. Repetition of these, in this case letter patterns and sounds, helps secure foundation for early learning. Mewburn's use of 'nonsense' words in this picture book is also great. Nonsense words are used as a way of encouraging youngsters to identify real words while also letting them practice reading words that contain the sounds they have learned so far.

Wonderful verbs, like plodded and lumbering, add to the richness of the vocabulary within this fun book. All these factors combine to make it a delightful book to read aloud.

Illustrator Daron Parton's bold and bright artwork adds to the fun of the book. They are simple yet detailed, with each dinosaur possessing their own characteristics and personality. Parton uses mainly primary and secondary colours, creating great contrasts. I can see the book being a great resource for basic colour theory too.

We Saw A Spinosaurus is a funny, fun and linguistically creative picture book that will captivate and delight our youngest readers.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic, RRP $21.99


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