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Waiheke Westies: Jack and Lassie at the Market by Anne Hume

Two West Highland Terriers, Jock and Lassie, are exploring Waiheke Island's Ostend Market with their mistress Anne and her granddaughter Finley. As usual, Jock has a misadventure, which does not surprise his sister Lassie.

The series was inspired by author Anne Hume's grandson Ollie, who spent New Zealand's Covid lockdown on Waiheke Island with family and the two dogs. Ollie convinced his Nan to write stories about Jock and Lassie, and together they sketched out two storylines which were self-published.

Jack and Lassie at the Market is the third in the series, which draws on Hume's experiences and observations as a stallholder at the weekend market.

Hume uses rhyme but at times it just doesn't work. Hume clearly set out to write a rhyming story and worked to maintain the cadence at all costs. While parts of it are good, it was too hit and miss to really sing. However, she includes some wonderful words that will capture the interest of younger readers - askew, mayhem, guile - for example.

Illustrator Sally Ewins creates fun, vibrant scenes from Waiheke, with a caricature style and happy animals. Her illustrations are bright and busy to add extra life to the tale.

Waiheke Westies: Jack and Lassie at the Market is a lively tale of two little dogs amusing antics.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Beansporout Press, RRP $25


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