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Wabi Sabi Home by Mark & Sally Bailey

‘Finding Beauty in Imperfection’ is the by-line to this book and the concept of Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi Home is a book with brilliant photography featuring the scuffed, the worn and the outright stuffed…all blended together or integrated with slightly newer pieces.

Although at first glance the looks seems to be put together in an extremist uncompromising way, as you read and look through the book you begin to see how, if you are more of a moderate, you can blend the old and shabby with some of the newer pieces.

I like the authors comments in reply to the Q&A which is part of the book. ‘Perfect or imperfect I am a perfectionist, but I try not to be one every day, but I also think it is important to add just ten percent of imperfection to give the space a more relaxed feel.’

Phew! As someone who was swept away by the ‘shabby chic’ fashion some years ago, this comes as a relief that the rules aren’t hard and fast.

For me, it’s a book to read and absorb and take the elements you like and use them in whatever figurations you feel comfortable with. Conversely it also seems to give you to be as radical as you like, to the extremes of Wabi Sabi.

It has certainly given my confidence with some of the unlikely old and ancient objects that I have used in my own decorating. For me, this was a very enlightening book to read for now and for future inspiration.

Reviewer: Iain McKenzie

Published by Ryland, Peters & Small


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