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Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley

Unlimited Memory is an excellent self-help book written by the International Grandmaster of Memory, Kevin Horsley, a professional speaker, World Memory Championship medallist, and two-time world record holder for the Everest of Memory Tests. In this text, he provides a toolbox of helpful techniques for quick, effective, and easy memorisation.

Horsley categorically states that memory is the foundation of learning, of acquiring, storing, and preserving knowledge. Memorisation is a different process of thought, and one that can be learned by all. Developing memory skills brings cognitive benefits, thus enhancing basic intelligence. From his perspective, learners must demonstrate purpose, interest, and curiosity before embarking on any form of study.

Horsley begins his book with an invigorating reflection on the impact of memory on self-improvement. Not only does memorisation strengthen the mind; it also teaches highly valuable life skills such as the cultivation of self-discipline, determination, and diligence. Essential to the process of memorisation is staying concentrated, learning to live in the present moment, and taking breaks to regain focus. Drawing from the work of educators and memory specialists, Horsley proposes a wide range of techniques including mind mapping, organisation, and writing on paper. One of the most interesting creative and imaginative methods he offers is the utilisation of images to associate with numbers, words, and concepts.

Horsley’s Unlimited Memory is an inspirational and engaging book written with clarity and economy, replete with motivational phrases, and accessible to readers from all walks of life. Through his enthusiastic articulation of memorisation techniques, he reinforces the notion that learning is a process, not a destination. Most importantly, it is a journey to be savoured. In these weeks leading up to the final examinations, I would highly recommend Unlimited Memory to all students.

Reviewed by Azariah Alfante