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Tulip and Doug by Emma Wood and Carla Martell

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Tulip is famous in her neighbourhood for two reasons; she is a fearless adventurer, and she goes everywhere with a seriously strange sidekick - a potato called Doug.

The little girl and her best spuddy buddy Doug are inseparable. That is, until catastrophe strikes and Doug is lost. Poor Tulip is inconsolable until she makes a new friend. A boy with an interesting best friend.

Dunedin author Emma Wood, creates a heartwarming story about an unusual friendship. She acknowledges that there are all sorts of friendships, and by doing so gives children permission to see themselves within the pages and appreciate their unique selves.

It was also lovely to see a story with just a Dad. Wood doesn't mention a mother and while it holds absolutely no bearing on the story, once again Wood allows children to see themselves in the pages. The bog-standard one Mum, one Dad, two kids is so obvious and engrained in books, any deviation from that is worthy of being celebrated.

Illustrator Carla Martell does a fabulous job bringing the story to life in pictures. They are whimsical, bold, colourful and full of fun. Who knew a potato could be so expressive? Martell uses patterns wonderfully, with lots of little quirky details bound to delight the eye.

The story is a simple read and makes for a wonderful read aloud for little readers. There's a couple of slightly older jokes too to appeal to the adults.

Tulip and Doug is a sweet story that celebrates friendship in all its quirks.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic, RRP $19.99


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