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Trevor the Daring Duck by Lynda Finn

Trevor the Duck, named after New Zealand Parliamentary speaker Trevor Mallard, was blown to the South Pacific Island of Niue in a 2018 storm.

With no wetlands, rivers or ponds on the island, Trevor called a puddle by the side of the road home. The island's only duck, he was embraced by the locals who fed him and replenished his puddle during dry spells.

Based on true events, this simple, heart-warming picture book tells the story of Trevor. 

Author Lynda Finn is passionate about children reading books about themselves, including their language, and it's fantastic to see a story from Niue. She incorporates some Niuean words that anyone will be able to derive the meaning of. It would have been incredible to have the whole story translated into vagahau Niue - about 90% of Niue's population lives in New Zealand and there is very little literature in the language on offer for those trying to keep their language alive. 

Finn includes great language features, including simile and personification, into Trevor's story. It is a delight to read aloud.

Illustrator Nikki Slade Robinson's bright artworks showcase island life. She also does a fantastic job at capturing the many expressive facial and body gestures of the daring duck, making the bird a charming and charismatic character.

Niue’s beloved duck flies again in this delightful, true tale from the island.


Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell



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