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Tree Glee: How and why trees make us feel better by Cheryl Rickman

We all know that walking in nature is one of the best ways to lift our mood and create a sense of wonder. But what is it about being outside in the bush, forest or woodlands that makes us feel better?

Essentially, trees and humans both want the same thing – to live good, happy, purposeful lives and to flourish, says author Cheryl Rickman.

Tree Glee explores how trees can become an essential component in our wellbeing toolkit.

“I’ve written about what trees have meant to me throughout my life from childhood tree-climber and grieving teen, to wellbeing practitioner and woodlander,” says Cheryl.

“The Covid-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns reminded us of the value of getting outdoors,” she says.

“The nourishing power of nature is well-documented and widely known now that studies about the positive effects of time spent in nature have filtered through to the mainstream.”

Tree Glee is presented in three parts. Part One explores appreciation – why we need trees, comfort, sensory serenity, survival and safety. It also includes a step by step guide on how to take a mindful forest bath. Part Two takes a closer look at our personal connection through storytelling. Part Three offers a harmonious approach to tree care and how we can reciprocate.

Cheryl Rickman is a positive psychology practitioner and proud tree-hugger. She has written 26 books, 13 of which were ghost written for celebrities and business leaders. Follow Cheryl Rickman online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Welbeck, RRP $32.99


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