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Travel Your Way by Nathan James Thomas

How we travel has changed, but why we travel hasn’t, says author Nathan James Thomas.

“As guide books become redundant and travel agencies crumble, people are being forced to engage their own creativity,” he says, adding that perhaps we had to experience the loss of travel to understand how much we really need it.

Nathan invites us to rediscover the world on our own terms. He is redefining the travel guide genre by not looking at where to travel, but how to travel. Ultimately, Nathan has written the book he wished was written when he first set out on a solo journey as a 17 year old.

“It wouldn’t tell you to eat here or there, but would contain advice for dodging tourist traps and finding yourself surrounded by locals,” he says.

“Travel can broaden your mind and challenge your assumptions, and has the potential to make you a better, smarter, wise and more interesting person. But this doesn’t just happen automatically… it’s not enough simply to be far from home in an exotic environment. Anyone can get on a plane. To really achieve the benefits that travel can promise, you need to go further,” he says.

If you’re considering backpacking, long term travel, annual leave or travelling for work Nathan shows how to make the most of every place we visit. Learn how to move beyond your comfort zone, overcome language barriers, connect with locals and understand the real story of the places you visit. “Travel, now more than ever, deserves to be done well.”

Nathan James Thomas was born in Auckland and went to Otago University. Meet Nathan online and watch the book trailer here.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Exisle Publishing, RRP $29.99