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Toot by Joy Ramirez & illustrated by Mike Chapman

Toot is a little story about the big dreams of the world’s tiniest whale. Stuck in a goldfish pond and dreaming of the sea, Toot makes the great leap, popping from champagne glass to dog bowl and, with the help of a Princess, into a tiny sea-bound plane. Finally, after much adventure Toot finally makes it to the great big ocean, where he meets and swims with a big whale.

Suited for children 3-7 years old, Toot is about perseverance. Keep on swimming when things get tough, Toot’s supportive friend Henry the Fifth tells him, and you’ll get there in the end. There’s nothing particularly new in this tale, but it’s a charming enough romp, illustrated in ink and watercolour pencils by Mike Chapman, and written in catchy rhyme by Joy Ramirez. It is the New Zealand duo’s first children’s book.

Toot also comes with a bonus audio book download, read by NZ comedian Dai Henwood. The book’s theme song is also written and performed by Joy Ramirez.

REVEWER: Heidi North-Bailey


AUTHOR(S): Joy Ramirez


RRP: $21.99


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