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Three YA books to win!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Pat Swanson (New Zealand Champion Diver) said 'Spearo' by Mary-Anne Scott was 'a captivating read from first page to last.' Sean has emigrated from Zimbabwe to New Zealand with his mother, after the death of his father. He is finding it hard to fit in at school when he becomes mates with a boy in his class, Mason, who is a mad keen spearo . Sean learns all about freediving and spearfishing until one accident thrusts him into the front line of the competition: it is all up to him, is he up for it? The ocean also features in the new book from Adele Broadbent, 'If Only', a story of first love, pushing the boundaries of parental control, the consequences of small lies, and the mate-ships formed through Project Jonah. The third book takes you to an island far away. In 'Half My Life' by Diana Noonan, Katy is struggling even before her family decides to visit her sick Yiayia (grandmother) in Greece. The visit uncovers some dark family secrets, but could it actually help Katy understand herself and her family? A novel about damaged families and secrets but also hope, and the ability of families to survive and heal.

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NZ Booklovers have a bundle of all three to giveaway!



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